Services We Offer

At Peel Financial, we work for you – the Customer. Not the Dealer, not the Bank, YOU! We get to know YOU and your business financing needs. This way we can offer the best solution at the best possible price to keep your business and YOU on the move!


A lease is a more flexible way of obtaining equipment to use in your business.

Leases have many benefits like paying fewer taxes. Leases can also be set up in a variety of ways to help you manage your cash flow and expenses.

For example:

    • $10 payout – at the end of the life of your lease, you pay $10 and it’s yours!
    • Fixed payout – Whether the residual is 10% or 20% at the end of your lease term, the amount is known up front and is fixed. At the end of the lease, you can pay this fixed amount, refinance it, or in some cases, return the equipment.
    • Fair Market Value – at the end of your lease, you pay the market price for the equipment which is determined at the end of the lease. Again, you can pay for the equipment, refinance it, or in some cases, return the equipment.

Leases can also have a variety of payment structures that are tailored to your business’ need for flexibility.

    • Seasonal Skips: Is your business seasonal? Choose to skip payments in the slow times.
    • Interest Only Payments: Pay only the interest for up to six months until equipment generates ample income.
    • Variable payments: Is the down payment too much all at once? Make larger payments at the beginning of your lease.


At Peel Financial we can offer Secured Loans and Unsecured Loans. For a secured loan, you will need an asset as collateral (Equipment Refinancing). Unsecured loans don’t require an asset for collateral but will require your credit history and cash flow details to qualify for the loan.