Top 9 Used Truck Salesmen Tricks and How to Avoid Them

Top 9 Used Truck Salesmen Tricks and How to Avoid Them

Top 9 Used Truck Salesmen Tricks and How to Avoid Them

For those who are in the transportation business, driving off in their sparkling brand new truck is an exhilarating feeling. However, you have to shed thousands of dollars to pay for that shiny new truck. This is the reason why some people prefer to go for a used truck. By doing so, you can save yourself money and ultimately get a truck that is just as good and dependable as the new one.

The only pitfall of purchasing a used truck is the risk of buying the wrong truck. Given below are 5 common scams committed by truck sellers and ways in which they can be avoided.

  1. Get a second opinion – Used truck dealers will throw almost every adjective on you to sell their truck. Don’t take their word. Instead, find somebody you know who owns the same or at least has driven a similar model and then ask them their opinion. Truck loan Vancouver companies suggest that getting a second opinion is a must when it comes to buying a used truck.
  2. Get a background check – In such a kind of trading, the most unethical thing to do is sell a truck that has been repaired due to some reason or was never repaired by its previous owners. Make sure you never fall victim to such a kind of scam by tracking the history of the vehicle which must include a clearance check as well on the vehicle’s title. Some of this info can be extracted from the seller as well simply by asking them as why they are selling their truck.
  3. Examine for damages – Used truck dealers quite often even try to peddle a truck that suffered major damage in an accident. With the advent of new techniques and tools, it is amazing sometimes what truck repair experts can do so as to repair the exterior of a truck. Therefore, never judge the vehicle by its outer appearance. Instead, make sure that the frame of the truck hasn’t suffered any major damage.
  4. Get it inspected by trusted mechanic – Truck dealers that deal in used trucks claim of putting their trucks through a ‘100 point inspection’ or something similar. The fact is that such an inspection is nothing but another adjective of what they claim their vehicle to be and therefore a second opinion is always advised. For this one, pick up your trusted mechanic so that he can inspect the vehicle and tell whether their claims are true or not.
  5. Beware of the pushy seller Leading truck leasing firms say that at any stage of getting your truck, lookout for signs that indicate pushiness in the seller’s attitude. Any such dealer who is in some sort of rush to move the vehicle should always set an alarm. Think yourself, why the rush? Are they trying to hide something? Try to be safe than sorry.

Follow these 5 simple steps to avoid getting scammed while buying your used truck. This way you could buy the truck you always wanted in a much less price. We, at Peel Financial are a truck leasing company with the best rates and terms for you and your business.

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