Areas We Serve

Truck & Trailer Financing in Canada’s Major Nerve Centers

Clients of Peel Financial are spread across Canada. Although we have customers from across Canada, but we primarily serve 5 major nerve centers of the Canadian economy. We have been providing loans and leasing services for a variety of trucks, trailers and heavy equipment. Our customers enjoy a host of services that helps them put their finances in order to achieve professional success.


Areas We Serve

  • Toronto
  • Mississauga
  • Brampton
  • Oakville
  • Hamilton
  • Burlington
  • Vancouver
  • Surrey

We also Give Loans to Start-ups Companies!

Toronto Truck & Trailer Loans

If you have been rejected by major banks and lending companies, come to our Toronto office and you will definitely find a deal. We are a specialist in providing financing, loans and leasing for construction equipment and trucks/trailers. When in doubt about a truck loan prospects, simply contact our office.

In our quest to deliver superior funding programs to Toronto residents, we work directly with a huge range of lenders and financial institutions. We have a direct relation with the end users and equipment dealers.


Brampton Truck, Trailer and Equipment Financing

Brampton is leading the growth race in Canadian economy. The number of start-ups in Brampton far exceeds the country’s average. So, naturally young people need loans and leasing programs to run new companies. We provide the much needed credit line to these companies and help them run their everyday costs at low interest rates. Our clients include end-users and even large corporations.


Truck and Trailer Loans in Vancouver

Our office in Surrey caters to a wide customer base ranging from simple owner of truck freight company to bigger heavy equipment operating firms. We have helped hundreds of individual clients having bad credit history secure loans with favourable terms. We deal with re-possessed vehicles and equipment and provide them at low rates to buy or lease.


Leading Edmonton Truck Loan Company

When people are turned down by conventional lenders, they approach us with high hopes. And we do not disappoint them. Our fast approval process ensures that your loan application has high chances of approval. Moreover, we do not require a plethora of documents to analyse your file. Minimal paperwork, fast approval and easy credit line are the inherent characteristics of our truck loan company Edmonton.


Calgary’s Leading Equipment and Truck Loan Firm

In Calgary, we are the trusted source of truck and trailer loans. We are renowned for approving our loan applications within 48 hours. Small loans under $50,000 are approved even faster. We have an easy to fill application form that can be completed and submitted with minimum supporting documents.


Mississauga Truck Financing and Loans

Peel Financial offers custom made truck financing and leasing solutions to Mississauga residents. Our range of services caters to both AAA clients as well as bad credit score individuals. Our leasing specialists provide practical solutions to small businesses as well as individual clients. Our programs meet the most discerning clients.


Canada’s Trusted Source of Truck Loans & Trailer Financing Solutions

With the widest range of loan products and an extensive network of financial companies spread throughout the Canadian cities, we are the most trusted truck loan company. Our products have helped hundreds of small businesses and end-users achieve success in their entrepreneurial endeavours.

When you need a credit line for your trucking business, we are here to extend the helping hand with our superior trucks loans and trailer financing and leasing services.