5 Effective Tips for Taking Care of Your Used Commercial Truck

5 Effective Tips for Taking Care of Your Used Commercial Truck

5 Effective Tips for Taking Care of Your Used Commercial Truck

As compared to the maintenance of your car, taking care of your freight vehicle that you have recently acquired through truck leasing is a bit different. While many people who buy used trucks through leasing or any other means of truck financing get trucks that are  reconditioned, however, one cannot ignore the obvious fact that majority parts of this used truck are either replaced or used.

Thus, in order to carve the maximum out of your investment, it’s best to increase your truck’s life span and this can be achieved only by taking proper care of your used truck. Given below are some noteworthy points that can help you take good care of your used commercial truck:

  1. Owner’s Manual – Every commercial vehicle that’s bought through down payment or truck leasing must come with its owner manual. This manual will not only help you to know your truck better but can also provide you with the useful records of its prior services and maintenance. Truck owners must make sure that they have their vehicle’s user manual and in case they don’t, they can download it from the internet.
  2. Maintenance Schedule – Preventive maintenance schedule is nothing but a schedule of when and how to perform maintenance and replacement of certain parts of the truck based upon its mileage and age. All such jobs of maintenance and repair must be noted down on a log and this copy must always be kept with your vehicle. This must be done so that you can refer to it if a mechanical problem of any sort arises.
  3. Routine Inspections – Routine inspections of your commercial truck that you’ve bought through truck leasing are also quintessential before you take it out on the roads for your job. This must be done every day so that you get hold of any kind of clues that point towards something problematic in your truck. Inspect the general condition of the parts, oil levels, etc. before you actually begin your day-to-day job.
  4. Check the Tires – Before heading out on the roads, an important part that you must visually inspect is your commercial truck’s tires. Tires of any vehicle suffer from a lot of abuse, especially that of trucks. They go through a lot including heavy braking, wear and tear on pads, rough roads, heavy loads etc. which can make them function abnormally. Hence, make it your habit to check for damage on the tires every day.
  5. Examine Your Radiator – Examining your radiator will help you to ensure that all the fluid levels in your used truck are within the benchmark levels as recommended by your truck’s manufacturer. Moreover, don’t forget the weather conditions in which you operate. Remember, that if it’s extremely hot, the fluid level in your radiator will be affected more. Hence, make sure you have enough fluid for your engine’s health.

With small routine check-ups apart from your regular scheduled maintenance, you can prevent a great deal of bucks on costly repairs that might be required for the better functioning of your used commercial truck that you have so dearly bought through truck leasing.

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